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Apple's Steve Jobs Interview with Business Week on May 1998, 5said this in

“We have a lot of customers, and we do a lot of research on our existing user base. We also closely monitor industry trends.

However, for such a complex product, it is very difficult to design based on a focus group. Because most of the time people don’t know what they want until they show it to them.”

Q: Did you do consumer research on the iMac when you were developing it?

A: No. We have a lot of customers, and we have a lot of research into our installed base. We also watch industry trends pretty carefully. But in the end, for something this complicated, it's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why a lot of people at Apple get paid a lot of money, because they're supposed to be on top of these things.


Customers can't tell you what they don't know, and they don't know what they want until they show it to them.

so Steve Jobs' truth about 'users don't know what they want' It is said that in order to make something new, it is difficult to obtain it by asking people.

When creating new and innovative products Inspired by customers It's a good idea to create a concept for your product, prototype it, and then let your customers use it and observe its behavior. Ask each customer It is difficult to come up with ideas for innovative products. We can only improve the existing ones a little.

It's not that Apple isn't doing research. What Apple is known for researching is not on making products, but on how to get feedback from customers on the products it makes, in what market it will be launched, and how to find marketing appeals.

Apple used a lot of borrowing from existing ones, such as iMacs and various colored iPod colors, and didn't ask customers to create new products, except for cases like Genius Bar, who got ideas by asking customers.

In order to find customer needs and create innovative products, we borrow well from other fields, review products that have failed in the past, search for patents registered a long time ago, see what technology can do, and through customer research  customer motivationobserve the behavioror put on the customer's shoes Makes me wear glasses. Or make them work in multiple fields or roles, spend 20% of their time on non-work purposes, threaten or pressure them, give tensionI do it, I train creativity, and I change the office interior. Of course, looking at Microsoft, it doesn't seem like they do it with money.

The problem is that it's not calculable or predictable, so its creative management or design managementThere are companies with the same motto, but the results do not seem to show as much as they say.

In order to create a new and innovative product, I know that I get ideas from customers rather than asking them for answers, but I don't know whether that's people, processes, organizational culture, leader's competency, or technology. Maybe it's something that needs to be satisfied all at once.


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