Attending BayCHI at Xerox Park

BayCHI is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ACM SIGCHI.

The Bay area is called the North Bay in the north centered on San Francisco/Peninsula and San Francisco in the United States, the San Jose area famous for Silicon Valley is called the South Bay, and the east is called the East Bay. In the Bay area, famous universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley are located, and there are large companies such as Yahoo!, Google, and Adobe.



I went on a business trip to Sunnyvale in 2003. What kind of meeting were you having there? Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web I met Christina Wodtke, the author of At that time, Christina was on Yahoo! I was on the search team, and at the meeting they informed me that BayCHI was open and gave me the address of the meeting place.

I entered the address given by Christina into the navigator of the rental car and went. But the navigator said they had all come, but only fields and horses were seen. How crazy... .
So disappointed and went up a small hill to make a U-turn.

Oh! There I saw the stone parc cover pictured below. How surprised...
I park  came to!. It's a historic place, so I said let's go inside, but while I was parking, I met Christina and found Yahoo! saw a few people So I found out that the meeting place was parc.

I don't post my photos on my blog, but there's a park mark...


Regular meetings are held every month at parc, and when I went on a business trip, there was a monthly meeting. It was a great opportunity to go to parc and attend the BayCHI monthly meeting. Although parc was not BayCHI, it was a place that made a historic contribution in the fields of HCI and computer science, so I thought it would be a great honor to go to PARC itself.

Meetings I attended July 2003, 7 monthly meeting  It was. There were presentations on Bits and Users: How the On-Line Customer Experience Shapes Business and Digital Storytelling: Story of a Movement.

There was a parc mark on the wall of the meeting place in the basement as shown in the picture, and the inside was full of people. The discussion proceeded naturally by giving presentations and asking questions on the floor. Attendees are probably HCI scholars from Stanford or UC Berkeley, and people from companies like Yahoo!




I couldn't take a picture inside, but I found one on

(photo source)


In some cases, the presenter asked a question, and the presenter answered immediately, and in some cases, they asked the floor again, and then the floor talked about it, and again on the floor they raised their hands and talked to each other. That kind of discussion was impressive. and made in 1999 Korea HCI Research SocietyI thought a lot about wanting to run it like this.

my map


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