vision and people

How do leaders get people to work? How do leaders motivate and deliver vision?

A while ago, I found a phrase in a book that pointed out what I had recently realized, and the same story appeared in 'Jo Young-tak's Happy Management Story' that I received via email today.

“If you want to build a ship,
Gather the people together to bring the timber, direct the work,
Don't do things like handing out work!
Instead, give them a longing for the vast and endless sea.”

– The Little Prince Author, Saint-Exupéry


Vision alone doesn't work. Set that vision as your goal, understand it well, know how to work,  person with passionseems to come from Leaders not only motivate, but also find and hire such people. getting on the busThis seems important.

The 'content' of the vision and the 'people' who share the vision, and  Organization members properly understand and 'actualize' the visionThis looks important.


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