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By subscribing to ical, which provides weather forecasts in the Mac and iPhone calendar apps, I was able to see weather information in the calendar.  How to display weather in ical in 2012, but the ical provided by for several years did not work.  여기I can confirm that it is not provided by this team. How difficult is it to not do this?

“iCal hasn't been an active product for us for several years. It may have worked for awhile but it may have finally died due to recent server changes. We don't have plans to bring it back, but I will let the team know that there's still interest in the service.”

Sometimes I searched for it to see if it might be provided somewhere, but I finally found it today.

The weather forecast is not displayed as an icon (when Ical will provide such an api), but as text as shown in the picture. The maximum, minimum temperature, and forecast explanations are in English.

If you subscribe to iCloud, both iPhone and Mac will appear.

Subscribe to the weather forecast A site called ical provides various information such as sunrise, sunset, holidays, etc. for ical subscription.

Click 'Calendars' on the left and click on weather on the right to subscribe to weather forecasts by location.

Decide where to get the forecast 

If you want to change the location where you want to see the forecast, press 'select a location'. A map will appear, as shown below, where you can specify the location.

Change the weather unit to Celsius 

Click 'settings' to open detailed options. If you change 'Temperature unit' to 'Celsius' here, you get Celsius.

Subscribe to ical

Now all you need to do is subscribe, click [Subscribe Weather].

If you do it on a Mac, ical appears, and if you save it to icloud, you can see it on iPhone or iPad.
I fixed the auto-refresh cycle and checked Ignore notifications.

If you do it on an iPhone, it is subscribed to the side with the default calendar, but if you want to see it on Mac, make sure it is saved in icloud.

Weather forecasts in the Mac and iPhone calendar apps are not text BusyCal Weather FeaturesIt would be nice to be able to see it as an icon like this, but since Apple can't do this, it would be good if you can touch the calendar app made by Apple and provide an API that can provide an icon there.

The most common and convenient way to view information based on date or time is the various types of calendar views used in the calendar.

Even if the service itself does not provide such a view, there is a way to view it in the calendar app using various standard protocols. So when you checked in to Foursquare, sleep information measured through Fitbit, when you fell asleep and when you woke up, when you left home, when you went to work, what the weather was, and even what time you tweeted, you can see in the calendar view. It is easy to understand by looking at it. These things can be done with IFTTT. The blog also has the date and time it was posted.  Calendar view on my blog too, which can be viewed in calendar form based on the published date.

In order for information to be best consumed or best understood, appropriate methods are needed. At the same time, there may be places that are mainly used at the same time, so you can view the weather by time, date, and calendar in the weather app.



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