Convergence and Collaboration Economics

The last of my research wishsheets in the lab was about mobile. As a wish list item for this study, the research on mobile, which was fished by the advisor (?), started with how to use PC communication and the Internet used on desktop in mobile. At that time, in a swap environment of cards and decks, and a 4-line screen, there was a mobile phone that could just show 9 lines.

Now, if you look at the cell phones of people around you, there are no cell phones without a camera enough to say that the digital camera's competitor is a cell phone, and the number of cell phones and smartphones with Internet connectivity and browsers is increasing. People watching Nate-On news in the bathroom is no different from 2000 or 2008, but so-called 'full browsing', such as viewing a website on a PC on a mobile device, is now common for PDA and smartphone users. It has even spread to people's cell phone users.

In the meantime, Telco changed to 2000G and 3G anyway, although it was later than the technology roadmap when talking about IMT3.5. It doesn't seem remarkably fast, but it's worth it.

The Internet business also called Web 2.0 and used marketing terms to distinguish the Web era from its predecessor, and sold its business to a large Internet company while entertaining and receiving interest from people with unique ideas.

One of the ways to do innovative things is to create new content, but there seems to be a less creative way, but there is a way to mix the same content so that it can be used in different situations. I think the convergence made possible through technical security is also like that.

PDA has moved toward becoming a phone, and smartphones have reached not only corporate users but also general users, and the innovative features, design and business of the iPhone allow Samsung or LG Electronics to run mobile operating systems well without using schedule management. They use as many hardware specifications as possible to create and advertise a luxury mobile phone that uses the screen as a finger. It would be a real bonus if a camera, voice input, and computer-like performance capable of voice and data communication were included with sensors such as motion, light, and sound like the iPhone.

It is not perfect to secure the contents and access of the converged mobile phone and the Internet, but I think it will give users something more interesting now.

Just as programs need data, and telephones need people to talk to, these cans need content. Broadcasters, publishers, and internet companies have this content. Perhaps telcos, electronics companies, internet companies, and broadcasters have been thinking about and moving these things for a long time, but I don't know why, but there doesn't seem to be anything that says "Hey~" to people.

There was once a research topic called convergence, but after a while, companies did convergence by putting various functions into one machine, or by putting voice communication or data communication into a stand-alone machine. Convergence seems to be used as a way to create something new by mixing other things.

Now, from doing innovative things in one area, we are working hand in hand with other areas. CollevonomicsIt would be interesting if different things could come together to create something new, and to expand the customer network as well, as mentioned in . Prada phones are said to be sold not only at LG Electronics stores, but also at Prada stores. This is the concept of expanding the customer network. If the author of a book called Collevonomics just adds design to the TV shell like Samsung Electronics' Armani TV as an example, the business will not run smoothly.

But how difficult is this!

Apple, which has the hardware, operating system and software, also made the iPhone, but made it available to companies with content such as Yahoo Mail or Google Maps, or to use movies and music. That way people can write.

Although it is possible for Samsung Electronics to make a fax, printer, and scanner into one, it is possible to connect the Internet to the TV as not only the electronic company and the Internet company, but also the company that has the content, so it may seem simple, but it is a business is difficult Even when Samsung Electronics made fax machines, printers and scanners, it was probably difficult to coordinate or collaborate with other business units. Therefore, it is really difficult to collaborate with other operators in different areas.

In fact, collaboration between operators is difficult, but it seems necessary to create new uses or to make convergence more convenient and easier to use, not by combining different products. If you can't come up with a groundbreaking idea from the same thing, maybe this is the way you can do it with what you already have. If you look at the original planning idea methodology, you can change things that already exist or find things that are used differently from their original purpose, but convergence seems to be a way to plan a new product from that perspective.

Of course, what is important here is not just addition, but something new, and the timing is important in terms of marketing, and close 'collaboration', that is, collaboration within the corporate value chain from the initial planning to launch and customer support. It is said that the customer network can be expanded only by acknowledging the essence of each other while simultaneously creating new uses and creating a brand, rather than just working together.

When I was in the lab, there was a convergence team, and I had to understand each domain and platform, but I thought it was not very creative as it was a way to find new things from existing ones, but now I realize that it is not.

And I thought convergence only as a way to create new products, but if you add a marketing trend called collaboration, it can be seen as a way to reorganize the market and expand the market as a product rather than a product. It is said that the design of Prada without a keypad and the innovative philosophy of Prada were important even at the marketing point of the Prada phone, which was first introduced by LG Electronics to the market. This kind of thinking about putting out something that deserves attention at a time when it should get people's attention, and that it doesn't stop at simply attracting people's attention, but actually leads to purchase, use and word-of-mouth, and thus considers the cycle of purchase. To make the obvious (!) natural, you shouldn't just do convergence and collaboration.

If you put Armani Design on your existing flat-panel TV and launch it, how much will people pay attention and how far will it go? However, even if an Armani Design sticker was attached to the outside of the TV, it may be different if it was Armani Design ~ when the Internet TV was released. Of course, Armani's design philosophy is said to be conservative, but I don't know if that would fit with new technology products.

It seems that success can only be achieved when different companies collaborate in the entire product development process and the entire process such as stores. Because this is difficult, there are not many successful companies. In fact, it seems to be successful only if you first realize what you know, or if you actually have the ability to execute.

I don't know exactly the essence of convergence and collaboration, and I don't know how to do it, so I need to think more about it, but I think it's a way to do new products and marketing in today's complex market environment.


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