Media distortion of the graph of President Moon Jae-in's state performance evaluation

I went through the link on Twitter and saw a graph of President Moon Jae-in's state performance evaluation of Harold Economy.

When I looked at the graph, the evaluation that it was not doing well went up, and it seemed like it was going to match with the evaluation that it was doing well.

photo source: Personnel and North Korean nuclear issue...Wen government performance evaluation 79% (Herald Economics, 2017.6.23)



After two days, the graph disappeared.

It wasn't the first time this happened in the press, but I tried putting it in Excel because there were only a few numbers.

The graph is as follows. 79 and 14 are a long way from reality.


Of course, due to the nature of the press, it is intentionally enlarged to create distortion like this, but it may be like this if the graph is not drawn as data and just drawn as a picture.

Of course, such graph jokes and mistakes also exist in companies. This is a case where the intention was inserted to emphasize it, but it was made with intention, not data, or because it was done without knowledge.

There are so many intentional distortions of the media about the Moon Jae-in government. It would be ignorance if not intentional distortion, but the media would have a different responsibility than the ignorance of some office workers. Especially when it comes to government performance evaluation data for the president.


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