Use favicons for comments and trackbacks on your blog

If there is a representative image of the author in the blog comment, it will be easier to recognize the commenter. By displaying the author's homepage or blog's favicon in the blog comment or trackback, you will be able to have a consistent experience with the identity of the homepage.

blog comments

Other people can write opinions on posts on the blog, which are usually called comments, or replies or comments in Korean. Usually, you enter your name, nickname, email address, website, and comments.

If the person who writes comments has a blog, if the author's identity is displayed as a representative image of the blog, it will be possible to consistently recognize someone's blog by displaying it on other people's blogs as their own blog representative logo. .



Trackback is a function that remotely links remote comments left on other people's blogs or that their posts are related to other people's posts. If you write a post with trackback, your blog post will be displayed on other people's blog posts. Therefore, even at this time, the intent of the blog owner needs to be displayed.


Show blog favicons in comments and trackbacks

The blog provided by the portal can have its own rules, so the icon registered in the profile can be displayed within the company's blog. In the case of an installable blog, there is a way to keep the standards used on the web.

If you look at blog sites, you will often see favicons used in blog comments. I haven't seen it displayed on the trackback yet, but using a favicon seems like a good way to express someone else's blog as an image on the blog mentioned above.


Use favicons and display favicons on comments and trackbacks

web page favicon As we saw in , although there are good advantages, people do not use favicons well even if they have their own website or blog. web page favicon If you look at the picture, there is an easy way to make a favicon of an image. Create a favicon to display my blog identity when others access my blog with a web browser or when my blog is bookmarked by others.

Technically, I cannot display my favicon on someone else's blog when I leave a comment on someone's blog or do a trackback. When you leave a comment, it seems that you can intentionally use a favicon as an IMG tag in the body, but the person providing the blog must provide such a function. Therefore, it is necessary to provide all functions so that the favicon can be displayed in comments or trackbacks as shown below.



Anyone who uses the portal's blog must follow the rules provided by the company. Therefore, it would be good if portals that provide blogs can use favicon. And I want bloggers who use an installed blog to make a favicon and show other bloggers' favicons in their blog.

To show favicons in comments or trackbacks, the system must support them. I don't know if it is provided by domestic tethertools and zero board, but it would be nice to provide this function from the beginning.

Above all, bloggers who use an installed blog, except for portal blogs, seem to need to create their own favicon regardless of the system's functions.

Let's make a favicon of my blog!!

in the case of wordpress wordpress plugin to display favicon in comments can be easily displayed as


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