Noise Canceling Bose QC 35 Purchased in Japan

I've been wanting to buy Bose noise canceling headphones for a long time, but I've been putting it off because Bluetooth doesn't work. Bose SoundLink Headphonesis using

for 350 dollars (Approximately 40 Korean Won) QC 35 Sold for 52.5 won in Korea (Previously it was 55 won), and at the airport, it costs around 55 won.


Buy discount in Japan

Occasionally, while searching for QC 35, I came across it by accident, and this time I went on a business trip to Japan and actually bought it.


Regular price in Japan: 39,960 yen (Hanwha 409,000 won)

Duty-free 8%: 37,000 yen (Hanwha 378,000 won)

If you go to Tokyo's BicCamera and present your passport, it will be tax-free as if you had received a discount on the spot. Duty-free prices are already displayed on websites or on merchandise showcases. There are no actual items in the showcase, but when you go to the checkout with a box, they give you real items.




7% discount on BicCamera: 34,410 yen (Hanwha 352,000 won)

All you have to do is search the internet and show what you have saved on your phone. Then, from the 8% duty-free discount, the 7% discount is applied again. You just need to check the period of the discount coupon.

BicCamera Discount Coupon

I bought 525,000 won in Korea for 352,000 won in Korean Won, so 173,000 won seems to be cheaper than Korea. I bought it with cash, so it must have been cheaper than buying it with a credit card.

This is the receipt I received. Starting with the tax-free amount from the beginning, I received a 7% discount.


The moment you turn on the headphones on a bus or airplane, it goes silent. That doesn't mean it goes away completely. speech is heard When I use it in the office, I can hear the voices, but it seems to be a little low.



Differences in tax refund methods

What is economically interesting is the tax refund method.

Whenever I go on a business trip to Japan, I know that when I buy something, I get an 5000% tax refund on purchases of 8 yen or more in some places. And you can do it right away even if it's not a huge store like Don Quixote, and if you show your passport, you pay less money from the beginning, like an 8% discount.

I thought so too this time.

Bose qc35

Then I saw that I had downloaded a lot of famous dogs on the plane, and as one of the solutions in the low-growth era, in Japan, tax refunds are provided directly at the store.

In Korea, duty-free shops are only large corporations, and there are only a few, and because they are large because of Chinese tourists, the stock price of duty-free shops went up.

Come to think of it, I remembered that when I went to France a long time ago, when I bought shoes, etc. at a sports store on a luxury street, it was said that I was tax-free, and I went to the airport tax refund counter to get a refund and left the country.

However, Japan is not just a duty-free shop, and as in the past experience in France, refunds were not received at the tax refund counter at the airport, but duty-free and refund processed at the store.

In the era of low growth, Myeonggyeon Manri seems to have proposed a method that allows general stores to sell to overseas tourists.

Korea has a structure that allows only large companies to thrive, so I don't know if the tax exemption benefits offered only by large companies can be extended to general stores. seems to be

Of course, I don't know what kind of creative abusing a Korean store will do if it is opened as a general store, but I would like to know how to sell more general stores to overseas tourists in this way in an era of low growth.

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