Is there anyone who will follow you when you change jobs?

A friend asked me a few years ago, and I sometimes remember that question.

The friend's question was something like this:

“When you change jobs now, how many people do you think will follow you?”

The friend probably came from leadership training.

Among the people I know, there are people who give someone blind trust by referring to them as 'lord' or 'lord'. In a world where people have calculators in their heads.

Leaving aside the issues of trust and royalty, I think we could ask such a question.

“When I’m about to change jobs, who can I take?”

Of course, this can only be said to someone who is likely to get a somewhat positive answer.

Conversely, you can also ask this question.

“How many times have I received such an offer from whom?”

If you are a leader, it would be good to ask these questions as well.

“How many people did I have to raise enough people to take?”

It is often seen that people who change jobs take away the people they work with. In the case of an existing organization, it may be a bad situation in terms of manpower management, but I think it is necessary to think beyond that issue.

I made a vote to have time to think about it.
Since I am answering anonymously, I think it would be good to think about it for a while and answer without worrying about other people.

I didn't think it was just that, but I made a vote to actively think about it.
Since I'm answering anonymously, I think it would be good to think about it for a while without worrying about other people or the results of the vote.


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