Look at the touch phone UI

It's been a while since I've seen the results of a usability study of normal mobile phones (non-touch mobile phones), touch mobile phones, and TV OSDs.

If I could sum up what I felt in one word, 'the problem kept repeating itself'.

Why are the problems of use that have been in use for as long as 20 years and as short as 10 years repeat in mobile phones with the latest technology?

Listening to Dr. Doul's lectures, I think, "To have that kind of self-concept, it must take a lot of time and content to study the basics rather than other disciplines."

Is the UI design really like that? Perhaps the comparison itself doesn't make sense.

So, is UI design the science of making rockets? no way…

What do you need to study and experience to design a proper product?

How much longer will it take for the people who make products to work together to make it?

In the future, how much more difficult will people have to use a new technology product, and how much more money will companies have to spend on promoting such a product?

History is like that, but maybe this will repeat itself forever? So, will only the companies that break out of them succeed?


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