Smart TV 65-inch UN65J6350AFXKR Purchase and User Reviews

A little over 10 years after I got rid of the TV, I bought another TV.. TV seems to be a high-involvement product for men. I had to understand the various specifications of which product to buy and consider the cost-effectiveness.

When commuting to work, I searched with my iPhone, and on weekends I went to Hi-Mart, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics stores to see them. If you do a search, you will see that people like me have a lot of trouble. The reviews and Q&A have been helpful to me too, so I hope that I will be able to help those who are having such troubles by organizing them too. Of course, this TV model itself will become meaningless over time.


TV use

Whichever one you buy, it seems to matter what you use it for. Specifications and prices may be determined according to the purpose or use.

My biggest use is watching movies. I don't really watch live TV. Except for the main broadcaster of the drama or the news, I will watch the video file on YouTube or the USB external hard drive. It's like watching a VOD by connecting the old TVix to the TV.


my requirements

If you're watching a movie, the bigger the TV, the better.

I was thinking about a beam projector and a screen, but it was inconvenient to install a screen when there is sunlight, and the good resolution of the beam projector was quite expensive. A friend who has a beam projector and a screen at home said that he had to buy a horizontally large one. It is said that the top and bottom remain in the film because the width is long.


You must be able to view videos from a USB memory or external hard drive.

It would be nice to be able to decorate the NAS and watch the videos on it, but if an external hard drive is connected, it is not necessary. I won't be watching TV connected to my laptop anymore.

From the experience of Tivix, the problem is how well the codec is supported and how well it is updated. And you should be able to control the subtitles well.


Must be able to watch YouTube

Since TV is viewed while leaning on it, you should be able to use YouTube with a lot of video content.


Energy efficiency should be first class

A TV consumes a lot of power, and the amount of power increases to make the screen bigger.

Smart TV decision criteria

The following is a summary of the things I thought about while buying the TV and what I decided to do with this product.



First, I had to decide whether it was FHD or UHD. Looking at the specs, the UHD is still good. UHD is also called 4K (4000 pixels).

There was no difference between FHD and UHD when I saw it in the store. I asked  UHD transmission on terrestrial TV will start on May 2017, 5.It is said

The quality of the UHD-only video was really good, but the price was too high compared to FHD.

I mostly watch movies, and the resolution of FHD movies is 1024p, mostly 720p. I thought that Blu-ray would be enough.

Whether it is FHD or UHD, you should choose UHD based on resolution alone, but if you look at your budget, you should also look at the size.

recently bought a tv yoda They also said that FHD was enough, and when I actually used it, FHD was enough.

Broadcasting at 65 inches looks like 400 pixels, so 720p movies look very good when viewed from a distance of 2-3 meters, and 1024p movies look really clean. In 720p movies, pixels were visible when viewed close to the screen, but isn't the TV for pixel inspection purposes?

In fact, videos and YouTube have a lot of HD, and there aren't many video sources that sometimes have FHD. It was difficult to find UHD content other than sample videos.


55 inches vs. 65 inches

Next is size. The 55-inch UHD price and the 65-inch FHD price were similar.

The price seemed to be made out of resolution or size.

Electronics companies seemed to be driving UHD as the future era is UHD. When I asked a Hi-Mart employee, they were adding a sound bar or something to the 55-inch UHD. When I was going to watch a movie, I wanted a soundbar with a woofer.

There was no sense of size for 55 inches or 65 inches. In a book written by IDEO, there is a story about the size of a TV in order to feel the real feeling in your own home. wearable fitness band pdf that can be printed out on paper to get a sense of size as if to provide

Even if the TV is provided as a PDF, if it is not provided by the store, there is no vertical key size that can be printed at home, so I went to the actual store. I watched it up close and sat on the sofa, but the exhibition hall was so spacious that even 75 inches did not catch my eye. A bigger one seemed better.

So I found a place where I could compare 55 inches and 65 inches, and put the child upright and took a picture. The top is 65 inches and the bottom is 55 inches.

55 inch 65 inch TV comparison
(Compared to 65-inch and 55-inch TVs)


Thinking that a TV lasts for 10 years once you buy it, people say to buy a newer and bigger one. If you want to buy UHD, now 55-inch UHD seemed appropriate. Look at the next 10 years.

However, if I have my budget and think about the specs that fit my use, not just the specs themselves, I think I have to think about what to gain and what to lose.

Bonnie. In the US consumer magazine 'Consumer Report' or 'How to Choose a TV Screen Size' introduced by Amazon and Sears Department Store, there were appropriate sizes and resolutions according to the viewing distance.

Consumer Reports Optimal Viewing Distance
(source: Samsung Newsroom )


At home, I measured it with a tape measure and it came out to be 2.5 meters, so 5.5-inch FHD was appropriate, but the film was cut at the top and bottom, so I decided to set it to 65 inches in FHD.

Without checking the picture quality very close to the TV, FHD seemed sufficient from the actual viewing distance.

Even without Internet TV, TV contents were viewed, and the picture quality was about HD level. Of course, it will be different if you watch 720K video on a UDH TV.

Your eyes should be satisfied with this. The higher you go, the harder it is to come down. When I switched from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, just changed from MacBook to Retina MacBook, I can't understand how I've seen 3GS screens and just MacBook screens. haha

The direction of placing the TV in the living room is short, so it is still burdensome every time I watch it. But we're a movie theater, not a TV! I think I did a really good job choosing FHD 65 inches over UHD.


USB external hard drive function

Compared to the days when TVix was used, TVs these days are basically able to watch movies in USB memory or USB external hard drive. However, there was only the specification of how many connections could be made. When I looked at the supported video formats, almost all of them were supported. However, it was difficult for each company to know how often codecs were updated.

It was convenient to see the video thumbnails on the external hard drive, and since there are multiple USB drives, I formatted the external hard drive as NTFS and moved it to the Ferrule of the MacBook, and put a mid-view only in the USB memory.

smart function

The price difference between a TV and a smart TV was about 10 won.

google chromecastis 55,00 won, but mirroring a smartphone always requires a smartphone to view YouTube. Apple TV was too expensive, and there were other screen mirroring products that cost between 5 won and 15 won.

When I asked around, these days, when I apply for Internet TV, a setup box comes, which is mainly made of Android, so it can be mirrored with a smartphone. In my case, I would not apply for Internet TV, and it seemed a bit inconvenient as I needed a smartphone every time I watched YouTube.

It would be better to have it built in than to buy it separately.

Pressing the diamond button on the remote control brings up the menus. You can also install apps, but I haven't found anything useful yet.

In fact, you can go directly to YouTube using the smart TV function with the remote control.
It was convenient to create a YouTube account to use on the smart TV and subscribe to it rather than mirroring the smartphone.

You can use Internet web sites on your TV. However, it was inconvenient to do it with the arrow buttons on the remote control instead of the mouse. The remote doesn't even have a keyboard, so you have to press the on-screen keyboard one by one.

It would be nice to have a remote control with keyboard and mouse. Web browsing with a TV is used only when using a site with video, which seems to be another source of video content.



I was going to buy a soundbar with a woofer, but it was too expensive. This in itself even exceeded the price of the TV. The TV itself has two 10-watt watts, and I decided to spend the budget to buy the TV itself. Anyway, I thought 2 or 5.1 channels were not very useful at home. I tend to listen to the sound rather than the screen, but due to my budget, I had no choice but to give it up.


As for the number of HDMI ports, for those who want to connect to a PS4 or laptop, the number or version of HDMI seems to be important, but I don't think it matters much. I saw that there was more than one default.


Small business vs. major company

I was also very worried about this. It was recommended by a person who bought a small and medium-sized business nearby and was using it well. The price is almost half the price of a large corporation's TV.

Instead of thinking about buying a TV and watching it for 10 years, you can buy and use the most 65-inch UHD from a small business and replace it if it breaks down. It is said that for some domestic small and medium-sized companies, the panel will be replaced within two years. However, there is no replacement for other companies.

In terms of specifications, it looked no different from that of a large company. However, if you look at energy efficiency, there are many cases that are not first-class, and if you read the reviews, there are many people who replaced the panel, and there were many reviews saying that the call with the after-sales center did not work well or there was no problem, and in some cases they changed it immediately.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) products that can perform two-year panel AS were fine, but in terms of energy efficiency and other things, the price was not much different from that of large companies.

If you can control everything, such as doing panel inspection yourself, calling the after-sales center for replacement, etc., if there is a problem, you can buy SME products based on the price. I didn't want to do that, so I looked for the entry level level among the products of large companies.


in conclusion? Samsung Smart TVFHD 65 inch, UN65J6350AFXKR

65 inches in FHD UN65J6350AFXKR  was the cheapest It's like entry level.



The panels are said to be made in Mexico, not Korea. There were reviews saying that Samsung does not make 60-inch or larger FHD panels in Korea. It sounds like the nuance of being uneasy as it is made in a Mexican factory. No matter how much QA the panel does, it feels like a draw, but since it was done by a large company, I decided to believe that QA must have been good.

I asked the engineer who installed it to tell me how to inspect the panel, and they said they installed it and finished it, and they said they would provide after-sales service if there was more than one year. I can't see it well, I just decided to believe it.

However, there were two major drawbacks in the latter half of this model.


The quality of the first install is poor. But you can adjust the value

When I first installed it, I was told that the quality was bad. I had a lot of trouble because of this, but after more searching, it said that I could change the setting value. I trusted this and bought it.

When I installed it, I felt like I was watching it as a smartphone app that turns pictures into cartoons rather than TV videos. When I put in one of the public values ​​of people, it became normal.

The values ​​I got and set are as follows.

Brightness – 50 / Sharpness – 16 / Color depth – 50 / Color 50/50

Additional settings = Adjust background color – Cool / Remove screen noise – Off / Remove noise from video – Off /
HDMI Black Label – Auto / Film Mode – Off / Auto Motion Blus – Off (must be)

In particular, set the best picture mode and sharpness to 0 or less than 20.

Turn off all additional settings and check them one by one

When I did this, a normal screen appeared. I think it's because a certain function is turned on, but I don't know for sure, but the quality seems to be messed up because the performance is not good. I don't know what I'm doing because I'd rather adjust the default value so that I don't touch it.

Slow when changing channels or using functions

Some reviews said it was very slow, some said it was okay. When I used it myself, it was a bit slow when changing channels with the remote control, and when using functions such as turning on the Internet browser, it was definitely slower than when using a computer. Perhaps the CPU is slow. OS is also OS. However, I don't do the settings every day, and I have to endure this much. If there is something to gain, there is something to endure.



I have summarized the concerns of buying a TV. I made a decision based on a lot of reviews from other people, and in particular, the reviews about the quality value adjustment really helped me decide.

I decided to use a beam projector that is easy to use rather than a TV that is always on, and I decided not to spend a lot of money, so I think you should decide according to your own use.



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