Wasn't Aladdin's mileage policy different?

In order to order a book from Aladdin, the mileage was converted into a reserve. After conversion, as shown in the figure, 'Conversion is possible only if the score is over 5000'.

Aladdin Miles

What is this?

From October 10th, mileage can be converted from 14 points or more

I looked Change of mileage points conversion criteria There is a notice titled Scheduled (08.10.14 Part)

O Changes: The minimum mileage that can be converted to points has been raised
[Current] 10 mileage points or more can be converted into points
[After change] 5,000 mileage points or more can be converted to points!

O Effective date: 2008.10.14 (Tue)

Customers want credit card benefits, not miles?

This decision is said to be because the existing mileage policy does not work and customers want credit card discounts or points.

As a result of repeating various statistics and analysis such as changes in members' order patterns, and directly interviewing members, it was determined that this system did not achieve great results in terms of customer satisfaction compared to cost.

In the member interview survey, rather than the additional discount benefits of affiliated credit cards, affiliate benefits through card alliances, credit card points, benefits through other affiliates, etc. . This was an opportunity to once again confirm the customer satisfaction service that the company should focus on.

Couldn't Aladdin's mileage policy be differentiated?

Maybe he thought that Aladdin's mileage policy, which converts 10 points or more into points, was not very differentiating for customers.

I was curious about what people thought, so I searched the Internet for questions and answers when choosing an Internet bookstore.

Looking at it roughly, people say trust, delivery, and mileage accrual rate are the criteria for choosing an online bookstore. There were very few articles about how long it takes to use the mileage. Aladdin's mileage can be used from 10 points, there was hardly found.

However, after use, there are positive stories about Aladdin's mileage lower limit of 10 or more.

This may be an example of the difference between pre-purchase decision making and post-purchase experience.

I searched for a while, but after a change on the 14th, it was uploaded on the 15th.  i'm very angry right now found the article.

I was going to order a book from Aladdin with mileage today to buy some books. Have you ever changed like a fox again?

Aladdin's mileage can be used from 10 points, but now you have to accumulate 5000 points like other online bookstores to use it. The policy in which mileage can be converted into points by accumulating up to 5000 points is also a reason to continue using the site. In fact, this point was discovered as a reason for the continued use of Internet bookstores in the shopping field research.

But if all of its competitors are doing that, and if existing Aladdin customers are aware of this benefit and are using it, then those customers may be able to turn to other Internet bookstores as well. Of course, there would be no problem if this was not a major selection criterion for the selection and continued use of Internet bookstores.


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