Author's lecture, 'Collaboration success strategy leading the future trend of the 21st century'

  • Subject : Collaboration (win-win cooperation synergy) success strategy that leads the future trend of the 21st century
  • Date: October 2008, 10 (Thursday) 16:19 ~ 30:21
  • Location: Social Welfare Center Conference Room (in front of Exit 5 of Gongdeok Subway Station <Line 6/6 Transfer Station>)
  • Lecturer: Devon Lee (Former LG Economic Research Institute researcher, Wharton School MBA, City University of New York lecture)
  • Participation fee: 10,000 won (pre-registration and on-site registration possible) All participants, <Collevo Economics> (listed price 12,000 won)
  • Number of people: 150 (first-come-first-served basis)
  • Application for participation: Please feel free to attend.
  • Hosted by: Seri Trend Research Society
  • Organized by: Flow Publishing
  • Sponsored by: Online Management Community Association


author interviewI did a little bit of understanding about this book.


What is Collaborative Economics?

A: Collaborative EconomicsIran, a compound word of collaboration and economics, is a term that describes the power and magic of cooperation to create new wealth and networks. Collaboration is a trend that originally started in the fashion industry and introduces innovative products through collaboration and collaboration between brands and brands. This trend is expanding into a groundbreaking management strategy across all industries with the launch of the Prada phone through a collaboration between LG and Prada.



What motivated you to write the book?

A : Above all, I wanted to change the current trend where the essence of marketing lies in trendy marketing tools such as fun, design, and experience. It has always been thought that there is a more fundamental and essential reason than what appears to be hidden, and the belief that the keyword 'collaboration' or 'collaboration' is located at the root and core is the motivation for writing this book.


What do you want readers to see in this book?

A: Through the process of creating collaborationnomics, that is, through the truth that 'to lose is to win', a network of cooperation and win-win is created, while at the same time, 'I create an indispensable presence in the network', breaking through the existing barriers of the brand I want you to see the magic of cooperation and feel the magic of cooperation as well as the effect of crossing over and the effect of collaboration that brings participants from other markets to your market and brings the rules of the game to you.

Also, please read the various consumption trends introduced in Collaboration by Type, and if you are a marketer, try to diagnose how your brand will be affected by this trend. I'd love to get some tips on how to do it.


NoticeIt is said that Sisap, the SRI Trend Research Group, recommends it.

This lecture is 'highly recommended' as a sysop of the Trend Research Society. In particular, don't miss the opportunity to meet with the lively and brilliant Devon Lee, the female members. certainly… It will give you some energy waves. Long-time female comrades from the Trend Research Society come and compare your talents with her... .^^


It seems like a worthwhile visit to get people's passion, an understanding of the concept of 'collaboration', and a feeling from the author.




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