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Larry's World with Larry Magid on August 2005, 8 Jakob Nielsen Phone Interview You can listen to the article and the 17-minute call as an mp3 file.

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Talk about the usability of the website.

Jakob nielsen
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What I actually met was a tutorial related to eye tracking study at SIGCHI 4 in April of this year. I was the only one using Toby products in Asia, and I asked if it was suitable for Asian eyes. Toby said that the accuracy was bad and he confidently said that he would do a demonstration and show it, but the data came out correctly and he was embarrassed. So I made excuses that the model was different for mine. With short English skills...

While watching a usability test video through eye tracking, we were able to find problems together, but I honestly thought it was a little easier when I drew Nielsen's observation frame while watching what Nielsen discovered. I thought I had discovered something more important on my own, but it was a pity that I couldn't announce it because my English was short. But I can't remember what it was.




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