No matter how busy you are with hospital work, you can't see the doctor after surgery.

This is an article I sent to the Hankyoreh newspaper in 2001, when Hyun-jun was upset during an operation at Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital. At this time, there was a serious issue of the division of labor, but I think it was adopted because the problem about doctors was sent to the reader's submission forum.

The operation was performed under general anesthesia on a child who was not even a stone. When Hyun-jun came to the hospital room, his urine smelled of medicine, and when he saw Hyun-joon waking up from anesthesia, it felt like his heart was breaking. Still, the doctor never came, and the nurse did not come and check the temperature or other things on the child with a fever. I went to the station and asked for it, but it didn't come, so Hyun-jun's mom went to the station, took a thermometer, and checked the temperature on a piece of paper by time. I went to the station and looked for a doctor, but all day I got an answer that I was in operation and the doctor didn't come until dawn. At dawn, an unrelated resident came and signed for discharge. I was so hot that I couldn't stay in the hospital room.

Ordinary people have a hard time going to the hospital like this.

In fact, Hyun-jun's surgery was the department of his uncle who runs a hospital in Mokpo, so he could just do it when he went to Mokpo. And at that time, my younger brother was a resident at Chosun University Hospital, so I could go to Chosun University. But I didn't have time to go to Gwangju or Mokpo.

In the end, doctors and nurses very easily broke the hearts of their unprepared parents.

Six months later, I went to Gangnam St. Mary's Hospital to confirm that Hyun-jun had the operation, and I saw a placard hanging in the hospital building. “No. 6 in customer satisfaction survey”


No matter how busy you are with hospital work, you can't see the doctor after surgery.


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