The influence of blogs on shopping buying decisions

On September 9, an article appeared in the BBC that shoppers use blogs before buying.


77% of the respondents said that the purchase decision was influenced by the blog. Compared to other information before purchase, there is no information about how often the blog is viewed, so I refer to the blog fragmentarily.

What is interesting, though, is that people trust the product information written on the blog. I don't know how you asked, but what people write on the blog is not made by marketing, but the person who actually bought the product has written about their experience, and it is said that it is more honest and reliable because it is not a commercial site. I wonder if that's an interpretation or if I asked like that.


I'm thinking of doing a simple survey as well. And since surveys are just perceptions anyway, it seems necessary to do a due diligence on how many product reviews are actually posted on Korean blogs. In my experience, I rarely see reviews about product purchases on blogs, but rather, I think I've seen more reviews using the points of shopping malls as bait, personal reviews of specific commercial sites, or communities for specific products.


I understand that the conclusion of this report is that businesses should consider blogging. However, I did not understand why the research report was a blog rather than just user reviews or shopping behavior.

I found the relevant material on the Hostway website. This survey was conducted by a web hosting company called Hostway, which provided services to TNS and surveyed 1,100 people in the UK. But why did the web hosting company do this research? Maybe it's aimed at blogging web hosting? Does your business want to start a blog? How come I feel like that Did you do research to suggest a solution to the problem of hosting companies to start their own web hosting business?

This research report seems to be misunderstood as to how influential blogs are among many decision-making factors when shopping just by looking at the title without reading the full report. I think you should just look at the blog, not the shopping.


Still, what I learned from this article is that the reason people see reviews of product buyers, so-called User Generated Contents (UGC), is not commerciality, but content and trust from actual user experiences. UGC may obtain more diverse information than it provides. But in this research, I think I saw the keyword 'trust'.



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