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I was browsing a web page with the first Firefox extension I made and Yahoo! When you want to save to My Web 2.0, you can save it as a context menu.

In the context menu (right-click) on the web page, select [Save To Yahoo! My Web], a window to save to My Web appears in a new window.


save to yahoo!


In the case of Hangul sites, there are times when Hangul is broken in the title section. In this case, you must enter a title. Yahoo! My Web 2.0 uses UTF-8 to support various languages, but most web pages in Korea do not support multilingual, so it is often not UTF-8. This part is Yahoo! I would like to check the encoding of the web page on the My Web side and process it in advance.

And I don't know if the content on the page is parsed and recommended, but the tag is recommended in Suggesteed, so if you click it, it will be entered in the Tags input window.

And 'Store a Copy of this page' is checked by default. It is saved in My Web.



How to install the extension is as follows.

1. savetoyahoomyweb.xpi Click

2. When asked whether to open or save with firefox, select 'Open with' and click the [OK] button.

3. The window to install the extension appears. If you wait a few seconds, you can click the [Install Now] button, and if you click the button, it will be installed. Like other extensions, if you close the browser and run it again and right-click on it, [Save To Yahoo! My Web] is displayed.


Yahoo with firefox! This is a convenient extension when using My Web 2.0.

If, Yahoo! When My Web 2.0 URL is modified and extension is modified, it is automatically updated.



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