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Hosted by Microsoft Korea last week, “Seminar on How to Use Microsoft Project for Successful Project ManagementI listened to a free seminar called ” and won a prize and received a USB memory stick. When I unpacked it, there was only one watch. I read the manual and it says 128M USB Watch. Oh. It's fun... Turns out, there was a USB input port inside the plastic watch strap. haha… I don't think it's waterproof.



I've been wearing the watch for a week without thinking. Then, after lunch today, while talking about the watch with our team members, I suddenly thought, “Since the watch has memory, what digital files do I need to carry with me all the time?” I thought

I wear a USB watch all the time, so I'll end up having a digital file with me at all times. However, the problem is that the basics of computers are composed of programs and data that were answered in class time exam questions such as system language or engineering in the second year of college. The watch can store data, which is what the program needs. It means that it is difficult to play alone.

Then, I thought about what kind of data is important in itself.

I first thought of mp3 files. it could be that But what is more important?

The next thing that came to my mind was the bank certificate file. This is important information and is a necessary file to use Internet banking. It seemed possible. But when I think about it, I have three computers, one at home, and a laptop and desktop at work. I have installed all the certificates on these three computers, and I keep them in my webmail just in case. And due to the nature of my business radius and banking business, I do not use internet banking other than my home and work computers. Come to think of it, putting a bank certificate on the watch was not very appropriate for my actual usage.

Well… I wish I could take my environment with me when I use a computer other than my own. I just have to carry data. Carrying the computer environment and data on a USB hard drive or IPOD as it is is not yet commercialized, but I have seen it on a website.

128M, so it can't be... Ah! I saw the USB Portable FireFox yesterday! I saw it a long time ago, but I didn't read it in detail, and I knew enough to run firefox without installing it on a USB memory.

Ah. right. I only use IE for banking, shopping, and company payment systems, and use firefox for all other internet use. Yes. How great would it be if I could still use the bookmarks and extensions I used on the computer in the conference room, the computer in the UT room, when I went to a junior company, or when I went to Dongseo's house. In fact, when I go to Dongseo's house and use the Internet, I put firefox on it to hide ads, but my brother always deletes it after I go and reinstalls it every time I go.




Portable Firefox (USB Drive-Friendly) go to the site Portable Firefox :: Deer Park 1.5 Beta laid out The reason why I put the 1.5 beta version instead of installing the full version is that 1.5 opens a new window quickly. In fact, the expression “spread” may not be appropriate. This is because installing usually means installing, and installing usually means installing with an installer that came out after Windows 95. However, portable firefox is not installed by setup.exe, but by downloading a zip file and extracting it to a USB memory.

The extension copied what was on the PC and then deleted it again. There are extensions that are not installed because of the version of 1.5 beta, but it can be installed by modifying the installation file, so I am thinking of modifying the source of the extension I use often. that arrangement is When the extension version is low in firefox 1.5 beta version, it cannot be installed made in


What else is important to have a digital file with you all the time?
I'm also thinking about adding some mp3 files of my favorite Ahn Chi-hwan and Seo Young-eun. I can't remember. I'll have to think about it again when I'm bored.


Actually, what I learned today is protable firefox, but more importantly, I played a game of identifying the characteristics of a certain object and finding the one that can be used as the most useful tool for it.


One of the things I enjoy doing is discovering and creating useful tools. To do that, I usually play alone with observing and analyzing things in this way to see what is useful and valuable, and how to make it worthwhile.

On the dobiho on HCI blog, there are categories called Tools and Source. If the purpose of HCI is to make it easy to use, really pity the people who study it. You should be able to create tools that are useful, valuable, and, if possible, lucrative. It may be a little strange to hear the HCI story all of a sudden, but if you want to make HCI easy and fun for the world to use useful tools, you can usually play like this, Tools categoryEfforts are needed to find useful things about computing tools in . This is because it is difficult to make new things without regular accumulation unless you are a smart person.



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