Are you a manager or a leader?

When meeting with foreign people, there are things that you do as soon as the meeting starts. It is taking turns introducing yourself. It's annoying every time.

Anyway, I hear myself introducing myself in English. When I hear people in charge of team leaders, department heads, presidents, products, etc. introduce themselves, I can't understand what they say in English, but I can hear these words.

  • ~ manager
  • head of
  • ~ leader

In Korean, they introduce themselves as Head, Manager, and Leader.

It may be a word to express what role you are playing.

Although it is English, I wrote down expressions that are used naturally in Korean these days.

Which word is appropriate for the following ( )?

  • Apartment ( ) Office
  • document ( ) program
  • cheer ( )
  • That person does well in karaoke ( )

What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

Even if you can't pinpoint it, you can feel the difference in the context of the example above.

Are managers bad and leaders good? I don't think that's necessarily the case. Each situation may be different.

Am I a manager or a leader in my situation?


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