Web usability guidelines for people with disabilities

gany, who attended a web accessibility seminar 18 guidelines presented at the seminarintroduced the

I briefly looked for similar guidelines, and the Web usability guidelines for people with disabilities There was an Iranian document. This guideline consists of 14 items in 56 categories.

This research team found that usability Academically Defined UsabilityIt seems that the term was used to refer to whether or not it can be used. Academically, the term 'accessibility' would be appropriate.

The following video is an attempt to sign up for membership on the e-government website using a screen reader, a program that supports voice services for the visually impaired. It's like watching a video of usability testing.

The visually impaired will use the website as a screen reader program. I wish there was a program to check how well my blog or website is suitable for the visually impaired and where the problem is.


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