Move comments in the guestbook

I made a popular 'guestbook' when I first created the website in 1996 so that I could talk about content other than opinions about each article on my blog.

Can I move the location of the comments?

Occasionally, there are articles, but there are articles posted in the guestbook. If it is a comment on the original post, it is more relevant than it is in the guestbook, so it would be good to see it later. But I left it because I didn't want the visitor to do it my way.

오늘 gany After seeing the comments you posted in the guestbook, I thought again that it would be nice if you could comment on a post you had seen before.

I just thought about this issue for a moment. Since it was written by a visitor, the position of the article should not be moved. However, what if you moved the location of the article to a related article and wrote a statement about the move? Anyway, transformation is transformation. However, considering the seriousness of the location change, I think that it is not so serious due to the nature of my blog.

If there is a related article in the guestbook's comment, please write that it has been moved and moved to the comment of that article.

move comments in wordpress

There is no function to move comments in WordPress.

In my case, there are very few cases like this, so I directly connected to the database and tried to modify it.

phpMyAdmin connect to the wordpress database.

Move a comment in the guestbook to the comment of the article

If the database name of WordPress is wp, find the comment you want to move in the wp_comments table and replace the comment_post_ID with the ID of the post.

The comment_ID of the comment you want to move is the comment ID when you hover your mouse over the date of the comment to show a number. And comment_post_ID looks like in the address bar when the content of the post is viewed with a web browser. 1099 is the ID of the post.

This will allow you to reposition comments.

Edit the number of comments on a post

However, the post does not show how many comments there are. Looking at the table containing the information of the posts, there is a separate field to store the number of posts. You should also edit the number of posts in the number of posts field.

The table where posts are stored is wp_posts. If you find the relevant article in this table and edit comment_count, you can see that the number of comments in the blog increases.


How many people have the above needs for relocating comments? Could this need be reflected in WordPress, which does not require a password to edit comments without logging in? Perhaps it would be possible to say something like this in English or to express the needs of English-speaking people?


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