WordPress 2.6 Flash Uploader Mac Troubleshooting

There is a media library of WordPress, which solves almost all of the image upload and management problems that were a problem from the beginning.

As of WordPress 2.5, there is a flash uploader when uploading files. When uploading files through a web browser, you must upload them one by one. However, it is convenient to use the flash uploader to upload multiple files at once.

However, this doesn't work on Mac. In Safari or Firefox on Mac, if you select a file with the flash uploader, an HTTP error occurs and upload fails.

There was no problem in IE or Firefox on Windows.

I've been looking for it for a few days and found it today.

The method was simple.

Create a .htaccess file with the following contents and save it in the directory where WordPress is installed.

SecFilterScanPOST Off
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterInheritance Off

If this is not the case EagleIt would be good to refer to it and try another method.


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