Website consulting and user feedback

A certain web agency is consulting on the website of a certain company.

The company's advisors and advisors pointed out whether user feedback had been received. However, the project did not consider customer research or feedback from the outset, and the company said it could not afford the web agency any additional fees.

Web Agencies do not charge additional fees for user feedback. In addition, the results for user feedback must be authoritative. In the end, you should get an authoritative research report at a minimal cost. They don't seem to care about quality.

User feedback on user research or design in the early stages of planning is not included in the proposal from the beginning, so people Website, who made this shit? it will be said Not in terms of quality, but in terms of process. A good person is good at anything!

It lacks customer-centric processes and culture. He wants to do something cheap. It seems the reality is that they say that the customer is the most important thing, and that they do what they do for customer satisfaction, but they don't actually do that. With a lot of effort, it will be taken for granted, but it seems that there are still many cases where there is not much consensus on whether such insight into customers is really necessary or sympathy about how to do it.

What is interesting is the web agency's attitude toward 'receiving user feedback'.

A web agency that needs to get some user feedback anyway has two answers.

"Yeah, we don't get full user feedback because of the cost, but we'll try to get as much feedback as possible, whether it's a simple usability test on what we're planning, or just walking around and interviewing people"

Another one is, “What kind of user feedback is this, what the advisors and advisors pay for themselves. If you can get away with it somehow, pay 50 won to a well-known individual and get a report. Reflecting on user feedback is another matter. ”

Suddenly, I wrote Because users are ignorant I am reminded of an article about two main thoughts about


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