Make a call by pressing the face on iPhone

Which is faster to recognize, text or image?

It is an image.

When you encode text and images in your head, the encoding speed of images is fast.

It is said that smart (?) people read the letters one by one, so they jump into the pages of a book as if they were taking a picture. (I saw it in a cognitive science paper, but I don't know what a reference is because it's old)

This principle explains the use of symbols rather than text and icons.


phone numbers to people faces

When making a call using the address book stored in the mobile phone, you can search for the name by remembering the name, or you can save it and use it as if you were bookmarking the web page of frequent callers.

At this time, it is saved as a name, but if it is an image rather than a text name, it is faster to find it.

In other words, it should be a list with the face of the recipient.

The good thing about using a smartphone rather than a feature phone is that you can use the address book of your computer as it is when making a call, and you can use it without interruption in your email program as well.

If you put a picture in the address book, it can be used in the address book, e-mail, and mobile phone calls.

I used a program to make a call by pressing a face on Microsoft's Windows Mobile smartphone.

One of the first things I did after I bought the iPhone was to find a dialer that allows you to make a call by pressing the face, like the one used on smartphones for Windows Mobile.

Fortunately, among the dialers for iPhone, there are apps that make a call by pressing the face.


face speed dial app

Among them was the Faces Visual Photo Dialer.


Faces Visual Photo Dialer


The free version can store a total of 2 phone numbers on 24 pages. It would be nice to distinguish everyone in the address book like this, but in my case I didn't have to do that, so I'm using the free version.

If you are a person who makes a lot of phone calls, you can buy a paid subscription and manage it by grouping each page. We only talked about making a call here, but when you tap on the face, you can choose whether to make a call, send an email, or view the site.

For detailed usage 여기can be seen well in

Faces Visual Photo Dialer Lite (free, pay)


face speed dialer for face time

There is no face time field in this app yet.


facetime dialer


So, as a face dialer for Facetime, iphone 4 facetime photo dialer is to use


all faces in address book




The iPhone's address book application is not an application, but rather a program that is only at the level of address book data storage. In order to use it in a variety of ways, you can't just have the address book app that Apple provides. Groups If you use the same paid application, you can use the group from the existing address book directly without dividing the group.

Usually, people have a fixed number of people who are calling, so it is quick to find them in the list of recently called phone numbers. However, if you call with a lot of people, it seems to be okay to manage them separately using this app as there are a lot of people in the recent call list.


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