Prospective and Realized Value

A longtime tennis player joined an insurance company a decade ago and called me a prospect. We still occasionally call and talk to each other to play golf, play tennis, or go swimming. However, at any given moment, I am not his customer.

Prospect customers, prospect customers. Or we talk about values ​​and importance.

I would like to say that this is a realized value, a realized customer.

A prospect is just a prospect. You have to be a customer to be a customer.

What matters is just what matters. It is important to make it important to make it important.

'Consumer research is important', 'Data mining is important', 'Brand is important'

“Yes, it is important. So what do you say! What did you show me?”

A salaried worker works and receives a salary in return. Work doesn't mean going to work in the morning and killing time by the time you get home. That doesn't mean you're passionate about something. have to deliver Performance isn't about doing something, it's about the impact you have on your business.

In organizations that define performance as revenue or that directly affect revenue, roles close to it will receive recognition, and roles that do not will receive less recognition.

When restructuring is necessary, it is clearly visible.

Research, community service teams, or innovation teams of any kind, which are organizations that do not make anything, would be such targets. In many cases, it seems that they choose to move the ship immediately between where they are going to drive the ship and moving the ship right away. It seems that it is not important to set a direction, but to create something right away. It will come out as you go, and it may be because you think you know how to get there.

No one would say it's bad to have a map and a compass, where to go and how to get there, to send a search team to gather information, or to figure out if things are going well. The results should tell if it really played a role. Not the importance, but the outcome. Not probable value, but realized value.

It is only the professors at school can say what is important or what the real situation is like without showing it, not the words of practitioners like us. Our practitioners make a living by experience, not theory. It seems that we should focus on realizing the value, not just talking about it.


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