These days, compared to the past, the world is changing so rapidly and competition is fierce, so we often hear the terrible words that it is difficult to survive rather than grow if we do not work together.

from this point of view Commonalities of working people who are getting better at their jobs during Employee self-development innovationGetting into this one element would not be a difficult guess.

Some people are going to learn golf to get promoted to an executive level or to enter a high class, others will learn communication skills because they are shy to talk with other people, and some people are lacking in their current job or want to do better. Some will learn more about their job, and others will learn more about leadership by preparing to become managers in the future.

There may be people who openly dislike self-improvement books, but there will be few who say, “It is not necessary to develop self-development”, “It is bad”, “It interferes with my work life or my life”.

Some will say, “I am always looking and learning new things.” You can't believe everything people say. Not looking at the results.

What are the reasons for not learning new things?

I think it's because they don't have goals and interests or are weak. Interest can create goals. Among the theories about attention, it seems that information is processed only when attention is given, so I think there must be interest next. Of course, conversely, you may be interested in a goal after you have it.

Interest, I think interest is very important. voluntary or enthusiasmBecause I think that I can talk about the goals that arise from such interest and want to go. Of course, execution and results must follow.

If you look closely at a professor's teaching method, it makes students self-interest in a specific research area. This seems to put more effort into the framework of the study.

If there is no progress in what you are doing, it may be because you are not interested in it, apart from your abilities. Voluntary motives and passions start their own fires and run without oil. Motivation may be like the oil of a machine. Without motivation, the machine will only run while the manager is pouring oil. After all, it's good to go back as much as the pouring oil. This leader is useless leaderam. As you can feel when the price of oil is high like these days, you will have to rethink the price of oil for the subject of leadership.

If you just say, “I am interested in financial technology,” and do nothing, I think it is difficult to see that you are really 'interested'.  the true meaning of wishing I think that it is not just words, it is achieving it, and at least trying to die when it is achieved. If you go further with this kind of thinking, it will inevitably be burdensome to be 'interested' in something in a situation where you can't perform well.

Find out what you are interested in, and looking for embers, you can develop yourself. It would be better to have a mentor. I think it would be fortunate to meet such a teacher, mentor, or leader who motivates me to be interested in something, ignites my passion, and helps me develop my interests.


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