Vitamins or pain relievers?

There is a saying, 'I do not know where I am, but I know where I am born'. It means that you feel the importance of it when you are not there than when you are. If people don't know when the ovary is upside down, it will also mean that you aren't an important, valuable person.

He played roles other than his own at the company. It has been six months since he stopped working outside of his role. There was no feedback from anyone recognizing the egg place during quitting, and there was no dramatic change in sales and market share. Looking at the results, it is likely that the person did not do anything important.

Was he a vitamin or pain reliever at work?

Vitamins are good to have, but not enough. However, painkillers should not be absent from the patient.

If a specific person does the work, rather than the process does the work, as in the first level of the software maturity model, the eggs should be marked. If there were no votes, it would also mean that the person didn't work exceptionally well.

A role other than his original role may have contributed to the business process, but in terms of business results, it seems that it was not even a vitamin. It seems he'd be better off doing his role well, and quitting more than his role.


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