English-speaking people vs. talented person

A researcher from India who was on a business trip to Seoul said this. He graduated from graduate school in the United States and lived there for over 10 years.

“In India, if there are talented people and people who can speak English, those who can speak English can get a job. Even if you have the ability, if you do not speak English, you cannot get a job, and if you do not speak English well, you cannot get a job.

The reason is that India does not have a domestic market, and services are provided over the Internet or by phone to the United States or English-speaking countries.

Seoul and Taiwan are not like that. Even if I am not good at English, I think I can get a job if I have the skills.”

In the case of India, it is said that the problem is that there is not much domestic market.

In the case of Korea, it seems that organizational or strategic (?) thinking, communication skills, and network management are needed rather than practical skills as you go up the organizational chart. Maybe being good at the language seems to become more competitive the higher you go. Is this already over for me, who can't communicate or speak English in this respect?

However, in the case of practitioners, I think it is different. I don't think it's just India's problem that you can get a job if you can speak English well even if you don't have any skills. It is a world where you can get a job even if you have a diploma from a prestigious university without any skills..

It seems that it is rare for a person with no background and no skills to exert a great influence if it is not quite there. Of course, it seems that people with good conditions are more likely to achieve good results. In my opinion, the people who ruined the company are people who have graduated from prestigious domestic or foreign universities, are smart, cool, speak English well, and have no skills.

A person who has graduated from a good university or is good at English Because employment conditions are better than others You will have to put more pressure on yourself and put more effort than others. A person with only skills... It is probable that it is difficult, but only to meet someone who knows how to see such a person. Eight!


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