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Yesterday, the MacBook screen was strange, so I forcibly turned it off by pressing and holding the power button. When I turned it back on, only the start sound was heard and the screen was not visible. I called Apple AS and did what they told me to do.

1. Discharge all power.

Unplug the power, remove the battery, wait a little (?), and then press the power button for about 5 seconds. Then plug in the power and try booting.

However, the screen did not come on.

2. Try erasing the PRAM.

Press the power button and when you hear a ding press and hold Option+Comment+P+R. until you hear a ding sound

Still, the screen didn't come on.

3. Try step 1 again. How long should the power be removed? Try it for about 20 minutes.

I tried again after 20 minutes and it didn't work.

4. Try removing the memory on the back and plugging it back in.

Luckily, I had a small Phillips screwdriver, so I took it out and plugged it in. Still, the screen didn't come on.

5. Make sure it is booted

How long does it usually take to boot? After a while (?), it will be fine. So it looks like it has booted up by now? It seem to be like that. Try pressing the keyboard that controls the sound. uh it sounds Then it's booted. The screen just doesn't appear.

It seems like the graphics card is the problem. If you have an external monitor, plug it in. can't even plug it in It seems that the power is turned off while plugged into an external monitor.

I think I should go to the AS center. Go ahead and tell them that the external monitor doesn't come on either.

I'm sorry. I can't fix it over the phone.

In conclusion, it booted normally, but the graphics card seems to be the problem.

I went to the after-sales center near my office today, and they said that the external monitor didn't come on either. Then there may be a problem with the main board. It usually takes about 3 days. this! I have to send the presentation material by tomorrow !

When the computer freezes, I just press and hold the power button to force it to turn off. So, not long ago, the hard disk of the computer with Windows installed at home broke down, so I bought a new one. Is there a way to force it off?

First, the IT team decided to rent a MacBook Pro, and I have to work with the data backed up with a time machine.


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