How to Display Album Covers of Music You're Listening to in iTunes on Mac

When listening to music on iTunes on a computer, sometimes you wonder what album is playing, or whether music is playing when earphones are plugged into the computer.

However, iTunes just doesn't work even when music or podcasts are playing. itunes iconis displayed only. It seems that Apple still sees icons as icons only.

itunes doc

Is there a way to automatically display album covers when music is played in iTunes on Mac?

Glad I found it DockArt There was a plugin called iTunes! It's also free. It's only for Mac.

How to install

1. DockArt plugin Go to download and unzip it.

2. Move the DockArtPlugin.bundle file that is extracted to the ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-Ins/ directory

3. If iTunes is running, close it and run it again.

4. When you play music or podcasts in iTunes, the album cover will appear instead of the iTunes icon in the dock.

Now, as shown in the picture below, the album cover is displayed when it is playing on iTunes.

itunes doc

However, the album cover does not come out when the iTunes radio is turned on, but it would be good if it came out as well.


An icon is a graphic representation created to execute the program, which is one of the most important elements in the command-based user interface.

In addition to the graphic icon that must be pressed instead of the command to execute, if it is a representative of the program, it seems appropriate to express the state. In addition to the icon for the execution of a music player such as iTunes, it is a graphic representation of what kind of music is currently playing, such as an album cover.

Thank you very much to the person who made this plugin, View content next to list in Apple MailThanks again to those who made many plugins like this for free.  


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